Along with losing her feathers, she had lost her ability to fly, but not her will to live!

Along with losing her feathers, she had lost her ability to fly, but not her will to live!

FIVE YEARS AGO SHE HEARD ABOUT A FEATHERLESS LOVEBIRD NEEDING A NEW HOME, AND NOW ALL OF SOCIAL MEDIA HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HER!Five years ago 23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann read a social media post about a lovebird that had lost all feathers. The bird, named Rhea, needed a new and Isabella jumped at the chance to provide one and quickly fell in love with Rhea, now a good portion of Instagram has fallen in love with her too!

Unfortunately for Rhea, she is not going to grow her feathers back due to Psittacine disease, a beak and feather disease. So she has to wear sweaters to not only look good but also stay warm. In really bad cases some birds lose their beaks and claws along with their feathers. Thankfully for Rhea, she has a mild form that requires nothing more than an annual blood test.

Rhea has not let her condition get her down. She is extremely outgoing and very social, spending most of her time out of her cage running around the house, sometimes singing as loud as she can. She demonstrates to everyone different can be super cute too.

“Acceptance is key and no matter how different you are physically, you are still beautiful; that’s what I want people to learn from her. Always smile, be happy and have a positive attitude,” Isabella said.

When 23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann from Boston saw a social media post about a featherless lovebird Rhea needing a home, she decided to help

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannNow the whole world is falling in love with Eisenmann’s lovebird, with birdie’s followers on Instagram.To the point of even sending her custom-made sweaters

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannDue to Psittacine, a beak and feather disease Rhea is quite ‘naked’

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannIn severe cases, this disease can even cause the birds to lose their claws and beaks

Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannThankfully, Rhea has only a mild form of this condition and doesn’t need anything than an annual blood test

Photo Courtesy of Isabella Eisenmann‘When she has [a sweater] on she feels super cozy and is super calm’

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannRhea has no business being sad, and is extremely social

Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannRhea is always out of the cage and running around in the house, at times even singing like crazy!

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannA lovebird to fall in love with, Rhea shows that ‘different’ can be super cute

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannMore pics below… Cuteness overload


Courtesy of Isabella Eisenmann

Photo Courtesy of Isabella Eisenmann

Photo Courtesy of Isabella EisenmannH/T


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