“Ear-nibbling Kitten Steals Hearts of Even the Toughest Humans”


“Ear-nibbling Kitten Steals Hearts of Even the Toughest Humans”

Mel, a small puppy, resides on the 9th level of an apartment with her family. While playing on the balcony, she mistakenly climbed onto the railing and couldn’t get back down. A 100ft drop awaited her on the other side. Fortunately, Joao Augusto spotted her and called for some towels so he could catch Mel if she fell. Thanks to him, the little puppy was saved and is now living happily with Joao. Mel loves to cuddle with her owner every day. The heartwarming story has a happy ending, and Joao and Mel’s bond continues to grow stronger. In bed, snuggled under a comfy duvet, Joao can expect a yellow and white blob to jump on his head – it’s Mel demanding affection from her loving owner.

With its sharp claws and teeth exposed, the little yellow and white blob makes a beeline for your ear, giving it a loving kiss. Once done, it snuggles up behind your ear with a purr. It’s hard to believe that this tiny creature is actually a kitten, and it belongs to Irina.

The man’s name is Pinky and it seems fitting as he doesn’t seem to mind when Pinky, presumably a pet or animal, snuggles up to him.

One indication that your furry friend trusts you is through their eye contact. They will stare at you and then slowly blink, holding your gaze after the blink. Another way they show their trust is by rolling onto their back to expose their belly. This is a vulnerable position for animals, so it’s a strong sign of trust. Additionally, when they stretch their legs while rolling over, it’s a complete display of submission and trust towards you.

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