Introducing the Enormous Feline: Garfield Reigns as the Heaviest Cat in the World


Introducing the Enormous Feline: Garfield Reigns as the Heaviest Cat in the World


North Shore Animal League America, an animal welfare shelter based in Port Washington, adopted a cat that was overweight after the owner passed away. The organization shared photos of the feline, named Garfield, on their official Facebook page and noted that he lived up to his famous cartoon namesake by being lazy. Weighing almost 40 pounds, Garfield is believed to be one of the heaviest cats in the world and has gained media attention. However, the adoption organization reminds people that being overweight is not healthy for animals and can lead to health issues.

Similar to people, excessive weight can result in severe health issues for pets. This includes conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, joint and bone damage, high blood pressure, heat intolerance, and others, as stated by Mark Verdino, Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff at North Shore Animal League America. As a result, Garfield is undergoing extensive care and has been placed on a restricted calorie diet.

Oh, that little kitty is in need of some serious help! It’s great news that the shelter has stepped in and is working hard to get Garfield back to his healthy self. I’m rooting for him to stick with the diet and not meet an unfortunate end before he gets a chance to find a loving home. Garfield is such a special feline, and it warms my heart to see that he is receiving the care he deserves. While I know it might not be easy for him to cut back on his meals, I’m hoping he’ll soon see the positive results and realize that the diet is ultimately saving his life. It’s heartening to know that the shelter is committed to finding Garfield a new forever home once he’s back in tip-top shape.

Despite not receiving any specific care, Garfield has impressively lost 1.5lbs since May and has successfully overcome his addiction to dry kibble. He now prefers consuming wet, low-fat, and grain-free cat food.

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