Unconventional Delights: A Papaya with a Buffalo Head, a Strawberry That “Walks,” and a Seductive Radish!


Unconventional Delights: A Papaya with a Buffalo Head, a Strawberry That “Walks,” and a Seductive Radish!

With the funny fruit images below, you will see the very muddy “comedy” nature with “like walking” strawberries, buffalo-headed papaya or “sexy lips” of taro root…

Nature has hundreds of thousands of interesting things, it’s just that you … live long enough to know all those strange and interesting things or not. And if you want to discover the strange and unique things of the world, follow the Unique and Strange column of BlogAnChoi – which collects 102 stories and images from around the world.

In today’s article, BlogAnChoi invites you to admire the “muddy” nature of mother nature when creating extremely funny fruits, fruit and vegetable shapes that are very similar to human faces with all kinds of comedy expression difficult to help.

First of all, it’s polite to say hello, isn’t it?

This palm tree should probably be planted in front of the door, all guests who come to the house are warmly welcomed. (Photo: Internet)

Can we shake hands next? But in this season of social distancing to combat the spread of the Covid pandemic, perhaps shaking hands over… such a carrot would be safer?

In some countries, there is a culture of greeting each other by kissing on both cheeks, so if you stand in front of a “lip” like this, what will you say?

Funny fruit: Papaya with buffalo head or strawberry “like walking”

When looking at this image, you will probably feel a pang when you yourself do not have the sexy body and confident aura like this white radish.

I sexy and I know it – radish said (Photo: Internet)
For comfort, the eggplant sends you a warm hug. (Photo: Internet)

Continuing the series about eggplants, it seems that “mother nature” loves to “play with shapes” with this fruit, so there are many interesting shapes of “mr. eggplant” was captured and made people love it. For example, the “long-nosed boy” version below:

This is when you are lying… (Image: Internet)
…and when you have lied many times. (Photo: Internet)
Mr. Eggplant doesn’t feel happy about this. (Photo: Internet)

Do you like to eat strawberries? The lovely bright red strawberries are almost heart-shaped, always representing sweet, lovely and romantic girls. And “mother nature” is very fond of this fruit with equally lovely shapes.

Awww…so cute, butterfly-shaped strawberries. (Photo: Internet)

What follows will be an extremely unbelievable image, you might suspect it is photoshop. But no, this is exactly a pineapple cluster, shaped like an orange crocodile.

…or a lizard? (Photo: Internet)
And here, do you think it’s a melon or a chicken? (Photo: Internet)

Or maybe it’s not the “muddy” nature that creates such funny fruits, but by some coincidence, here is the vinegar soak that makes this chili become so indignant. clenched fists like that.

Fist… chili. (Photo: Internet)
Cuteness is everywhere with this ginger bunny. (Photo: Internet)
Is this the foot of the same person? (Photo: Internet)

Hopefully the above funny fruit images have helped you get the most relaxing moments. You can learn more unique, strange and interesting news such as:

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